Uploading Files#

GraphQL doesn’t specify a way to upload file data along with a query. The GraphQL multipart request specification describes a way to map multipart/form-data files to GraphQL variable values. Magql implements this spec. See the spec for full details and examples.

Instead of posting JSON data, GraphQL query and variable data is serialized to JSON and placed in an operations form field, which allows files to be uploaded as well as part of the form data. Variables intended to be file data use null as a placeholder value. An additional map form field is a JSON encoded mapping of file field names to variable paths, and the server replaces the null values with file data before executing the query.

Magql provides the Upload scalar to act as a placeholder type for uploaded file data in argument and variable types.

import magql

schema = magql.Schema()

@schema.query.field("echo_file", "String!", args={"file": "Upload!"})
def resolve_echo_file(parent, info, **kwargs):
    data = kwargs["file"]
    return data.read().decode()
$ echo "Hello, World!" > hello.txt
$ curl \
    -F operations='{"query": "query($file: Upload!) { echo_file(file: $file) }"}'
    -F map='{"0": ["variables.file"]}'
    -F 0=hello.txt
  "data": {
    "echo_file": "Hello, World!"